Tax Preparation

Before you write that check to the IRS, let us show you time-proven, high impact strategies that can dramatically reduce your ordinary income, capital gains and self employment taxes. We provide sophisticated, detailed and effective advice and support to all income levels. You can legally cut your tax bill this year. Let us show you how. After all, wouldn’t you rather use those funds for something other than paying the IRS?

Tax Preparation

Don’t pay the IRS more than you are legally obligated!

At Clive Financial Services, we ensure that all your possible deductions and credits are explored. Many new clients have expressed a feeling that in the past they had overpaid their taxes because their prior accountant had hastily rushed in the preparation of their return or was uneducated in all aspects of tax regulation. We offer in-depth, detail oriented, in-office interviews. If more convenient, mail-in your tax information, we can then meet through a phone interview and thus provide you the same quality service but with more convenience to you.

Many of our clients feel the greatest service that we provide is adesire (on our part) to help you reduce your taxes. We spend the time necessary to go over all of your information and ask questions to see if we can come up with additional tax deductions that may have been overlooked. Clients like the team effort to minimize taxes they owe through the use of time, effort, caring, and expertise.

Tax Advice and Planning

Tax clients are welcome to call throughout the year with questions. A quick answer from our office can save you thousands in taxes. We want to help you minimize your tax liability.