Accounting Services I offer accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses that prefer the cost effectiveness and time saving solution to outsource this function rather than incurring the expense and liability of in-house expertise. If you are like many small businesses today, you have come to the conclusion that outsourcing your accounting function is the appropriate way to concentrate on your core service offerings, than we can help. However, if you prefer having an in-house accountant or bookkeeper perform this function then we can assist your organization to implement an accounting system that best fits your business’ needs. Small Business Bookkeeping / write-up I provide full-charge bookkeeping solutions including general ledger and subsidiary ledger build-out and maintenance, receivables and payables tracking / analysis, and bank statement reconciliation. My goal is to relieve the small business owner from the mundane daily bookkeeping tasks that often create confusion, frustration, and headaches. My approach to the fundamentals of bookkeeping will significantly reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks as well as keep you in compliance with the current federal and state regulations that are often overlooked by small businesses.